Introduction: Code of Ethics/ Standards of Practice
Code of Ethics
Professional Standards

Code of Ethics

Cardio-Pulmonary Technology is a very specific branch of medical science. Their respective technologists, as competent members of the medical community and registered members of the CACPT, appreciate their contribution to diagnostic accuracy and the well-being of the patient. Technical competence, respect for the patient, and colleague cooperation are the ultimate desires of Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists and the basis for the following Code of Ethics.

Registered Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists shall:
· care for and comfort the patient whom they are testing;
· maintain the dignity of the patient;
· demonstrate respect for the patient in all circumstances;
· work in cooperation with all other members of the health care team;
· demonstrate an awareness that the usefulness of the test result is ultimately dependent upon the accuracy of the data produced;
· maintain clear and complete records;
· consider all patient information confidential;
· demonstrate an awareness that the diagnosis of disease is the responsibility of the physician;
· demonstrate an awareness of their limitations and make appropriate referrals to other members of the health care team;
· demonstrate an understanding of the need for continual education to maintain and advance their base of knowledge and to teach others;
· maintain a high level of professionalism in all matters related to personal behaviour and dress code;
· maintain the dignity and respect of their profession, considering reliability, courtesy, patience, tact, efficiency and personal integrity as fundamental professional attributes; and
· demonstrate loyalty to their colleagues and support their professional organization by interest and active participation.