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Pulmonary Function Lab

The Canadian Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists membership is composed of technologists employed in the Heart Catheterization Laboratories and/or Pulmonary Function Laboratories. The Registered Technologist works closely with the physician in order to provide information relevant to the patient's diagnosis, prognosis and surgical risk. The Registered Technologist requires specialized skills in order to perform the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures used for the investigation and treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders. He/she must have extensive knowledge of instrumentation and techniques, and furthermore, must be able to elicit active cooperation from the individual patient during these procedures.

The CACPT is committed to maintaining the highest standards possible for all Registered Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists. The CACPT Bylaws, Standards of Conduct and Annual National Registry Examinations are designed to establish and maintain these high professional standards.

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PFT Symposium 2017

Based on the positive evaluations from the 60 plus delegates at the PFT Symposium 2017 in Toronto it was well received and was another success. A program is difficult to put together when one considers the wide range of delegate experience in the field of PFT. We want to attract the more novice technologists to provide them some basic knowledge on PF testing and coaching tips. We also want to attract the more experienced technologists whose goal is to help advance techniques such as methacholine challenges and implementing the new DLco guidelines.

All the presenters were excellent and provided a well rounded program. Dr. Tamarie from the Lung Association gave a basic review of spirometry and interpretations and Laura Seed presented on how to "comment" on not so perfect PFT results. Dr. Stanbrook spoke about all types of inhalers, new and old, Angela Thomas on Infection Prevention and Control, and Andrea White-Markham on predicted values. Dr. Coates reviewed concepts of plethymography and Tony Kajnar followed that with a workshop on testing lung volumes using plethymography. Rounding up the program Susan Blonshine helped the delegates to map their QC program for the lab and Jane Schneiderman ran a workshop on Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise testing. Thanks to Rob Simms from Novus Medical for being the test subject and having to work out until almost his max VO2 twice! Lastly Dr. Gottschalk and Lori Davis who perform the IHF assessments reviewed the important aspects of the PFT lab that are assessed and how a lab is rated after the assessment. All presentations are attached on the CACPT website (www.cacpt.ca).

We have already begun work on next year's program. The symposium will be held in Calgary, AB at about the same time of year. This will give our colleagues in the west an opportunity to attend. All ideas are welcome.

Lastly I would like to thank Murray Beaton and Tony Kajnar for all their help in creating the program. Thanks to Novus Medical Inc., in particular Murray Beaton, Rob Simms, Dan Pinard and Steve Koritko for all their help with AV and PFT equipment. A big thanks to Dan Pinard DJ for the music for Social Night, which was sponsored by Novus Medical. A great time was had by all who attended.

Laura Seed